Mourning Sham:ARTE_capaMourningSham

“This is a powerful story that brings gut-wrenching humanity to the headlines.”

“Woronka deftly dissects the lives of four families touched and torn by this conflict. She lifts away layers of activities and events to reveal the underlying swirl of uncertainty and fear. Ultimately she uncovers fundamental values which, not surprisingly, are so similar to our own.”

“She is a skilful storyteller; you’ll keep turning these pages. Those of us who have travelled and lived in these worlds, who have been afforded the chance to befriend people just like these characters, will find a story that helps us mourn Shams — a Syria now so lost, a Syria that is its own character in the story. Her words guide our hearts to ache truthfully and well for this great bleeding wound on the world.”


Dreams in the Medina:dreams cover ebook 2013 (1)

“This is fiction that pulls you into reality. Because sometimes it takes a story to make you care….┬áBut it’s the people in the story that keep us reading. While differences between them and the stereotypical American may seem great on the outside, the inside struggles and passions are similar across the globe–love, happiness, traditions, God, family.”

“As I read the story, I felt for each of the characters.”

“An academic, with her roots firmly planted in reality, Woronka draws her characters to reveal the similarities and the differences among their respective cultures.”

“The risks they take, and their varying degrees of acceptance or rejection of their cultural rules give a multi-faceted look at the life of young women in this Islamic culture. I highly recommend it, both for the pleasure of the read as for the expansion of ones cultural understanding it provides.”