Who am I?

My friends generally describe me as adventurous (read: crazy), smart (read: nerd) and unique (read: odd). They kindly say I offer a fresh perspective on things. Here are some reasons why:

DSCN7935I am a world traveller. I believe it is possible to travel too much and I have done it. I’ve only just surpassed 40 countries visited. To many people, 40 is a lot, but I have a friend who has recently celebrated 100. Many of my friends travel more than me, but maybe I’ve lived in more places. Some of the places I’ve called home include: Kosovo, Egypt, Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, Timor Leste, USA and Brazil.

I am an academic and an aid worker. I love learning, questioning and helping people. I love analysing the world around me and figuring it all out, but am most alive when all that thinking can actually be put to some good use helping people. Or at least trying to help people. 

I am Christian. Culturally, I’ve always been Christian. And as for my faith, I love Jesus and believe that Jesus loves me and that is probably the most important fact about me. Many of my best friends do not share my beliefs and I am grateful for so many different types of friends. 

I am an introvert who loves people. All this exploring and churchgoing and studying has provided me with a wonderful array of friends. I love them each and am grateful for them all, and I wish there were a village where we can all live together instead of scattered around the globe. Even so, I love spending time alone and spending quality time with a few friends instead of working the room at a huge bash. I’m the person at the party who is sitting in a corner watching everyone. 

I am a storyteller. And that is what I use this space and my other writing to do.